Twin Blast in Cairo City, Multiple Dead

A large explosion hit police headquarters in downtown Cairo early on Friday killing at least 2 people.


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  1. Jennifer S

    Imagine if the American civil war was happening now. This is what it would be. To say you don’t care only shows your ignorance. Bad things happen in every country in the world, it doesn’t negate the meaning just because it doesn’t happen in America.

  2. John Tringle

    We had a revolutionary war and 80 years later…..a civil war. It takes time, and often lots of trial and error to get it right. I have faith in humanity. These people want freedom and you can’t unring a bell……things will work out.

  3. Daniel S

    Have no sympathy for Egypt at all. Gang raping women is ok according to the people that live there. Screw em

    1. John Thorpe

      We just had a case in Steubenville (OH) where a girl was gang-raped by her peers, and the town was mostly OK with it. The school helped cover it up, if I recall, because at least some of the rapists were athletes. Media figures — national news folks — were openly distraught over the ruined lives of the rapists.
      By your logic, should a bomb go off in America, because of these people, we shouldn’t be concerned with those injured in the blast? That’s an incredibly ignorant way to trod through life.

    2. S Abdl

      I am an Egyptian woman and I do not even know what the hell you are talking about. Sexual violence against women in the USA and India make Egypt a walk in the park. Please read the statistics before you talk in a manner that is both subhuman and ignorant.

  4. Kristen Kay

    It’s pathetic as a society we lump everyone in certain individual’s actions. Those were human lives that have people who love them. Do you know how most of the world views us. Its disgusting that you would say “who cares about them” you are a prime example of why we have so much violence in this world. I do care for my brothers and sisters of human race who lost their lives today.

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