Sexual Objectification is Damaging Our Society

Someone decided to expose … these facts.


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  1. Bruce Nygren

    This is really great, but she’s wrong when she says men are treated as whole people. We tend to be treated by the media as power objects. Where magazines portray womens’ bodies as sexual objects, they portray men looking “powerful” as being sexy. All of this is bad for us, not just the women’s part.

  2. Sage Rogers

    Also, we need to stop teaching women to view themselves as sexual objects which is the whole point of the video. If you’re taught that your whole value is based on what you are to men, then you’re going to buy into that same mentality later on in life

    1. Lakshmi

      was thinking of the cheerleaders at football games. serving as eye-candy for men. that’s their sole purpose. If they honestly thought they were athletes, then they should demand making cheer-leading as a whole new sport with competitive spirit. Not just some semi-nude women gyrating in front of some of America’s best athletes. Instead, they can BE the best athlete in their sport without just being there as an objectified performer.

      1. Anonymous

        male here, cheerleaders annoy me I want to see the game some some idiots swinging foofy things. That said do you want to remove a job from women thus removing there empowerment?

    2. Anonymous

      we need to teach BOTH males and females this!

  3. Stephen

    The problem is that many, many women today have no line between appreciation and objectification. If you even look their way for more than the time that science dictates it should take to pass your gaze over anything in your view, you’re leering. And all that CRAP is driven by this relentless preachiness about “objectification of women”. Humans are wired to notice the opposite sex. It’s what allows human life on the planet to continue. Men notice women. Women notice men. Get OVER it. And if there is a women who doesn’t like the way some man looks at her, SHE – not society or the PC Police – has every right to tell the silly, stupid SOB to go f___ himself. Any woman who’s REALLY serious about sexual objectification – as opposed to those who just like to rant about it fecklessly, online, and expect the rest of us to toe the line on their Agenda – that woman will achieve the goal of stopping it FAR more finally and effectively if she just grows a pair of fangs and takes the idiot out herself. MEN – as opposed to cases of arrested development – do NOT ogle women. We don’t leer. We don’t stare and wink and do lame crap of any sort. We THINK about the ramifications of our actions. But when a guy I know, a grandfather of six and maybe the most fundamentally decent human I’ve ever known – is told by a co-worker that he “objectified” as associate of theirs because he told that pregnant woman that she looked LUMINOUS today, THAT is over the freakin’ line. She asked him if he would say that to a man. My friend replied that he’d never met a pregnant man and his co-worker rolled her eyes and said, “You just don’t get it” and walked away. There’s correctness…and there’s absurdity and women who react like that cheapen their whole cause.

    1. Anonymous

      maybe you don’t leer/ogle but there are others that do and more..i’ve ben leered at while being told what they want to do to me or what they think of my body, (one was even just a school boy in his uniform..but he was massive and scary as he followed me and called shit out) i’ve had my breast, bum and cunt grabbed, skirt lifted, ben stalked, ben abused for not answering a mans pervy comments…all my female friends have ben leered and much more..most of them raped..these males have ranged from school age to old old men..i’ve got no problem with a man looking, smiling, saying hello whether i find him attractive or not and i do not think every man is a pervert but dam there are a lot out there…please don’t belittle what women go through!!!!…#yesallwomen

  4. Ron B

    I keep seeing comments that men keep arguing that men, like women, are also objectified. No. You are not.

    Do men have an accurate portrayal in the media like magazines, movies, and video games? No of course not. Majority of us do not have six pack abs, perfect hair, or a well chiseled jaw line. But what does this short list here mean? Why are men portrayed this way? Simple answer is that men in media are idealized. It is about being the perfect “man” and embodying manly things. They are idealized by defining what masculinity means. Is this also harmful? Yes, but in different ways.

    It is true there are a growing number of men developing eating disorders and becoming obsessed with fitness trying to get to be that ideal man. Seriously guys it is not the same thing.

    For women, it is not about femininity, it is about being objects here for our amusement. Both are harmful for society, but they really are not the same thing. I have never been denied a job because of the size of my biceps, many women however likely have at some point been denied jobs based on appearance. That is the difference.

  5. Gerard

    She’s on the money. However, Laci underplays the self esteem issues men go through over their bodies and the same type of objectification that occurs. Pecks. Six packs. Biceps. Waist size. Hair. Skin. No one will want me unless I look a certain way.

    Men go through it as well. It’s just not spoken about. And before someone rips on me, I understand the statistical difference in occurrence between men and women. I’m just saying some guys understand what women go through far too well.

    Just look at any Calvin Klein mens underwear ads. Who the hell are those for? Do you have any idea what I’d have to do to my diet and how much time I’d have to spend in a gym to look like that!?

  6. Michael Darbro

    I made it about two and a half minutes in before sharing it on social media, how about you? I know this will sound petty of me to say it this way, but I’ll explain after I say it why I say it after I say it. I find women who are driven to seek gratification from me about their own image (Physical image) every other moment, so damn annoying that I can’t be around them.. I have to leave them… I can’t stand to be asked that same question, rephrased, repeatedly throughout a day… Let alone every waking moment.

    An yet as a man, who has objectified women before (Sexually, admit it..we’ve all done this to someone at some point or another… Reduced someone down to a body part or another, in a fit of pre-adolescent hormone unbalanced fit of lust, an joked to some friend or another about ‘dat ass’ or ‘McTasty’ or … what ever cleverly ‘uncreative’ phrase we came up with at the moment to describe our crush.

    Some of us grew up beyond that moment, some of us didn’t. Some of us objectify people we don’t know from pictures… Because we’ll never know those people in the pictures… But the people we do know, we’d never objectify because they are in our lives.

    Sexual objectification is a complicated beast, but it is a damaging beast that can get out of hand if it is taught to be ‘normal’ at an early age. Is it fun too do? For the people doing the Objectifying, yes it’s enjoyable.. For the person being the object, it’s like being an ant underneath the magnifying glass. Every flaw being scrutinized, magnified, examined… An you can’t help but feel paranoid you are about to be burnt.

    An it creates people who have to mirror check every 30 seconds to make sure the facade is in place, the wall they’ve put up hasn’t fallen down.. That wall may be a smile, or it may be layers of make-up.

    I have watched it happen with my grown niece, and I watch the pieces fall apart when she’s alone with me. When the walls come down, the shoulders slump and she can finally relax and be herself without being judged or objectified for her body parts. She is who she is within my walls, not what she looks like.

    I guess my rambling basically is this, we need to work on this.. We are creating a generation of uptight PHYSICALLY flawless people… But mentally traumatized children who have no safe place to go .. to let the walls they’ve built around themselves to protect themselves from judgment… to crumble away and be who they are meant to be.

    1. Debora R

      Listen we as women HAVE COME ALONG WAY since we were considered property and we have a way to go ->BUT PROGRESS has been made .. we as women get to be all those things .. we ARE a complex mixture of so many LABELS just like men (a multitude of labels w varying time periods of mood swings JUST like men) .. we as -> PEOPLE >SMART, SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY, UGLY, FOOLISH, SILLY, CRAZY, KIND, BITCHY, ORDINARY, EXTRAORDINARY, and as with everything .. depending what you put out into the world .. is generally what you get back .. SO CHOOSE WISELY .. BE KIND and try to see EACH PERSON for who they really are AND BE RESPECTFUL even IF they are VERY DIFFERENT from you :))) .. We have to teach OUR children to FIND the beauty in themselves and NOT allow others to PLACE LABELS on you .. self esteem .. confidence .. it really begins ON THE INSIDE :))

      1. Michael Darbro

        No arguments there, I just wish that by the time that I meet some of these women… That the confidence (in the women that I meet) had started to flourish some. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of reassurance and nurturing to disengage someone from having to constantly mirror check themselves because they believe their only worth is their physical beauty (outwards beauty)… and engage themselves in their inner beauty… The beauty they haven’t paid enough attention too, the part of themselves they’ve left in ‘coat check’ because they didn’t want that part of themselves to get hurt anymore.

        That’s the part of women that I want to see, I don’t want to see the parts (okay.. So from a sexual attraction side I do.. But from a emotional and mental attraction side I don’t) everyone else objectifies. I want to see the person behind the makeup, before the sleep is rubbed out of the eyes and the eye-liner and mascara is carefully applied. Before all the defenses are thrown up for the day, before she braces herself for an entire world that reduces her to a walking reproductive system and mammary glands. I want to meet THAT person, the person who is confident and comfortable in THAT appearance. I’ve met her too few times in my life.

        I want to discover who that person is. That would be my upworthy.

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