Earth 100 Million Years in Future

Earth’s land is never the same, its always shifting due to the collisions and dragging of tectonic plates, therefore its contentiously evolving, even today and it will continue to evolve in the future.  We will first start off from 600 million years in past carefully pieced together the map based on years of evidence collected by scientists. These pictures depicts the best possible picture of the world how it looked like in the past and how it will evolve after 100 Million years.
Paleogeographic Views of Earth’s History provided by Ron Blakey, Professor of Geology, Northern Arizona University.

This is how today’s continents are thought to have evolved and will evolve in the future.

600 Million Years Ago: Pre Cambrian Era

540 Million Years Ago: Cambrian Era

470 Million Years Ago: Ordovician Era

400 Million Years Ago: Devonian Era

280 Million Years Ago: Permian Era

240 Million Years Ago: Triassic Era

200 Million Years Ago: Jurassic Era

120 Million Years Ago: Cretaceous Era

50 Million Years Ago: Eocene Era

20 Million Years Ago: Miocene Era

1.8 Million Years Ago: Pleistocene Era

Earth Today:

Earth 100 Million Years from Now:

Its really amazing to visualize how our earth might look like in 100 Million years. One can only imagine what our civilization will look like in this long period of time. It might look like a long time for us, but its nothing when compared to the age of the earth which is 4.54 billion years old and it will look even more shorter if you compare it to the age of the universe which is approximately 14 billion years old.
Also watch this video if you want to see more detailed transition of landmasses.



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  1. Kate

    WTF happened to Australia?!

    1. Flish

      It merged with Asia. The right side of that big bay in Asia is Australia.

    2. Daniel

      It shifted south of Asia

    3. Anonymous

      It moved up to Asia

    4. Jack

      They fell to the outer space of course. What did the Australians expect living upside down…

    5. Alec

      I know right! Where in the world did they go???

    6. Anonymous

      It was absorbed into what used to be china in 2013 a.d.

    7. Zagadee

      It collided with South East China

    8. Anonymous

      it is up by japan

    9. Dan

      eating rice

    10. Rior

      It is with Southeast Asia.

    11. Anonymous

      Good thing I don’t live 100 million years.

    12. Ben Cook

      Australia was crushed by China, which was then smashed by an asteroid

    13. Anonymous


    14. Anonymous

      get dunked by asia

    15. Anonymous


  2. Kim

    Aaaaaw!! All the ice melted!!! Poor animals and plants:(((

    1. Anonymous

      There is a bit of ice left at the bottom

      1. Anonymous


  3. Nabeel

    I think it crashed into china…?

  4. joe

    i have no idea mate! maybe we sunk

  5. charles wulff

    Australia will be apart of antartica like it use two be

  6. Dani

    It will hit Asia for it is moving in an upward motion!

  7. courtney thomas

    yea what happened ????????????????????????????

  8. shaz

    This is total rubbish.. scientists couldnt even say when a piece of paper was made under the telescope. . Yet alone having ideas 640million years ago or 4.5billion years ago. How pathetic! !

    I believe in my one lord the creator of the universe..

    1. Anonymous

      Well, yeah, I could imagine they would have a hard time with a telescope. Those are made for looking into space, so looking at a piece of paper wouldn’t give you anything but a white blur.

      Maybe you shouldn’t be so close minded and take a science class or two?

      1. Anonymous

        There’s no reason to be so negative! Everyone has their own views, ideas, and beliefs, and you don’t have to put others down to get a point across.

    2. Anonymous

      Maybe God made the Continents move? and yeah you should take some science classes

  9. Greybird00

    The people in Europe are a little squished in between those mountains. Also what did happen to Australia? (I think it collided with China and South-East Asia then into Siberia).

  10. vince montaos

    where did the philippines go ?

    1. Anonymous

      Got crushed by Australia and China

    2. Midge

      Inimaortfon is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

  11. Anonymous

    Good bye china

  12. kedar

    How’s the earth becoming short

  13. The world is wierd

    The world is wierd

  14. JUCKE the SHORT

    the world is cool, but it is weird because the land changes.

  15. Anonymous

    How about 175billion years after now

  16. Anonymous

    christians not welcome

  17. Anonymous

    really wierd

  18. Anonymous

    Ok, I just studied and memorized the geologic time scale. So first off, the Precambrian “era” was so long scientists didn’t know what to call it so they called it a Time (the Precambrian Time), second, Cambrian, Ordovician, Devonian, and Permian are periods, periods of the Paleozoic Era, and third, Eocene, Miocene, and Pleistocene are Epochs (yes, pronounced like epic), So you got a lot wrong in your research. By the way I’m a 14 year old in eighth grade…. if you can’t figure this out but I can, you need some work.

    1. JESUS

      Stfu noob

    2. AVP316

      I don’t think many people like your comment.

  19. Mr crackers

    Most of the world would be underwater, i have already seen the tube map in 100 years and part of that is flooded.

  20. Anonymous

    WHERES THE NORTH POLE?????!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous

      still at the North because a Pole cant change unless it decides to swap like it did a long time ago

  21. Anonymous

    What hapend to africa

  22. Anonymous

    Africa is so wierd

  23. DARREN

    AUSTRALIA WILL CRUSH INDOCHINA &microneasa and spat japan while settle down next to sibera and HELP nerse polar bear cubs find

  24. 420 Blazin Fag

    ur mom was great last night

    1. Anonymous

      your rudeness

  25. leila


  26. Elena Maruru

    What will happen to the philippines after 100 million years ago?

  27. Genie

    What happen to the Philippines after 100 million years from now? please someone answer my question.. Thank YOu.. I really need the information.. please..

  28. keia yvonne

    where did philippines go ?

  29. Anonymous

    I dont realy understand yet but maybe it realy possible after 100 years scientist beilive it me mmph…

  30. Fred

    Then the nation Biafra was globally envied.

  31. larry rummel

    don`t worry hunans won`t be around

  32. jaja

    wHere’s philippines?

  33. Anonymous


  34. angeline

    Were location of the Philippine after 200milion years if the continent’s continue to move?

  35. Anonymous

    Japan and Philippines is in Atlantic Ocean East of North America. They are maybe in North America Now

  36. Anonymous


  37. Anonymous


  38. Anonymous

    to all those wondering, the phillipines were either pushed under the crust by Australia or merged with Vietnam on the left side of the bay furthest right

  39. Jay-vee Ligan

    What happen to the Philippines?

  40. Anonymous


  41. Anonymous

    I Don’t Know What Happend To Earth 100,000,000

  42. Anonymous

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