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How To Repair a Dent Without Repaint

Paintless Car Dent Removal: This video will teach you how to remove a dent from a car without having to paint again.

How To Make Water or Drinks Glow

This tutorial will teach you how to glow water with black light.

Tutorial: Turn Milk into a Hard Plastic as Strong as Stone!

How to turn milk into a hard plastic nearly as strong as stone! All we need for this simple kitchen science experiment is milk, vinegar and a strainer.

How to Open A Tin Can Without An Opener

As mentioned in Cody Lundin’s book “When All Hell Breaks Loose.”

How Do Astronauts Wash Hands In Space?

Every wondered how astronauts wash their hands in space? Watch this video to see Chris Hadfield wash hands.

Cutting Glass Bottle in Half, Tutorial

Every wanted to cut glass bottle in half? Here’s how. What you will need: 1. Nail polish remover/acetone 2. String 3. Matches/a lighter 4. Cold Water